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I am a self-taught visual artist working with paper, exploring the human mind in my work. I enjoy the possibilities and challenges presented this material. I make layered and three dimensional artworks. I also make papier-mâché sculptures. My work takes time and allows me to slow down. I hope that it also lets the viewers slow down and kindles their curiosity.


Born in India, Lele is an Architect, and a self-taught visual artist. Imaginative, curious and expressive, Lele was encouraged to think outside the box, and to challenge the status quo in her formative years.

Travel has always been an integral part of her life, and she continues to find inspiration in everyday objects, structures, landscapes and animals. She lived in Australia for thirteen years, where she found the freedom to let her thoughts flow, explore newer avenues and let her imagination take flight.

Having called the vibrant and populous cities of Mumbai and Pune her home, Janaki Lele witnessed closely the ingenious utilisation of ever-scarce resources to their fullest potential. Paper, therefore was an obvious choice of material for this self-confessed, obsessive recycler. Paper exhibits a duplicity of fragility and flexibility which is why Janaki works with two distinct techniques. She employs the traditional Papier-mache technique to explore the myriad textures and forms of the animal kingdom in her sculptures. Finished with book pages, each character has its own story to tell, and a dreaminess, which is her signature. On the other hand, hand cut sheets of paper complete the intricate and layered investigation of her surrounds and the human mind.

Her work has been exhibited at reputable venues in Sydney, Adelaide and Pune. Her art has been held in several private collections, both in Australia and India. In 2017, Janaki completed design work on a massive eight metre high artwork laser cut in steel, welcoming citizens/visitors from Mumbai into Pune at Baner.


  • Red Rooster

    Red Rooster

    42 x 42 cm / USD 150.00

  • Fortunes


    64 x 58 cm / USD 599.00

  • Telepathy


    42 x 42 cm / USD 499.00

  • Faraway Connections

    Faraway Connections

    54 x 54 cm / USD 660.00

  • Parts of Me

    Parts of Me

    54 x 54 cm / USD 880.00

  • Expedition


    40 x 30 cm / USD 88.00

  • Expedition at the Sea

    Expedition at the Sea

    40 x 30 cm / USD 88.00

  • Star Catchers

    Star Catchers

    40 x 30 cm / USD 88.00

  • Giraffe


    42 x 22 cm / USD 400.00

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